Your Value Proposition - how to grow your website building business

Now lets talk about what is the actual value that your customer can gain from using your services. As I mentioned in the General Onboarding, we are not selling pages and sites, we are selling success. We give them the opportunity to help their ideas get online, for their business to find new customers which lead to their happiness and success.

The first step in solving a problem is to realize that you have one. If a business in 2018 doesn't have some sort of an online presence that's obviously bad. Of course, not 100% of businesses need one as the local grocery store wouldn't gain all that much value from having a website. So here are some of the reasons you can explain and push to your customer when you approach them directly, via email or call them:

1.It is a norm

More than 60% of people nowadays expect a business to have some sort of an online page(s) about the nature of the services or products that they provide. People like to review and expect businesses because they commit to a product or service and if you don't have a website they will look elsewhere. 

2.Tell your story

A website allows you to showcase the business in the light people you want to see them. It helps you grow a community and followers and not losing the customer when they leave your door.

3.The importance of mobile

In 2018 more than 52% of visits to websites are from mobile devices. You not only need a website but a mobile responsive one which is exactly what you get with the platform. All landing pages, sites, and online stores are optimized to help attract those mobile users and turn them into customers. 

4.Keep your customers up to date

It is a lot easier to update your audience on upcoming new services or products when you have an online presence rather than doing it all offline. It is a lot more cost-effective and gets straight to your customers.

5.Bring people to your business

Not only visible on Google Maps but having a link to your site, gallery or sales pages is a key to converting customers. Adding a google maps to your site also helps in attracting more customers to your business.

Most businesses do not have big budgets as you already know that. They need something working for them today and to be as affordable as possible. When you sell them do it in 3 stages:

1. Before they buy

Sell them on the value you bring with the solution. All the things that I've mentioned above are the promises that will make their business more recognizable and worth investing in.

Show them how easy it is, it won't take more than 5-10 minutes to totally sell them on the idea of how easy it is to have control over your website.

Show them that for the price of a launch they can have a full grown site or sales page that can attract and retain customers for the success of their business. Attracting one customer can pay for the website for the next 6-12 months (depending on what the business is about). 

2.After they buy

If they haven't set up the website, show them how easy it is to use the platform. Explain the basic things of what they need to have in order to be successful by attracting more calls, build an email list or promote products.

3.When they receive the value

Make sure that they know that all the calls, emails and increase of brand awareness is because they trusted your product and they have a return on their investment multiple times. If you sell a website for $30/month make sure that they understand they got a value of at least 2-3 times that which is pretty much guaranteed.

Want to grow your business faster by providing the best possible building solution?

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Ritika Vijayavargi
Posted on  22/08/2018 15:35 I really liked this article. Its really giving value whoever is reading this just like your last point, which I think is the most important for retaining your customers. RItika Community Manager at

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