White Label Website Builder With No Limitations

Build websites and funnels for your customers under your own white label website builder

You get 35-55% discount as a partner!


Fully White Labeled Builder - Your Branding, Your Rules

Offer the whole platform with your logo, style and domain

The most customizable partnership program on the market with option to build your pricing plans, create your unique templates and more...

Build Pages Faster Than Ever Before

With a few mouse clicks and draging you can completely modify the looks of the pages. Build your designs x10 faster than before.

The Best Funnel Builder Out There

Build not only websites but amazing sales and lead generation funnels with A/B testing, Upsells and more...

Build Your Own Templates & Designs

The only white label website builder that allows you to create your own templates for websites, funnels, pages and blocks.

Features that set us apart from the competition

Reliability of Amazon Hosting

All websites are hosted on super fast Amazon Servers with daily backups.

SEO Optimized

Our White Label Website Builder is made for speed. All the websites are optimized, lightweight and SEO friendly.

Automatic SSL Certificates

All websites receive FREE SSL certificates automatically. 

User Management

Track your customers and their websites. Set up detailed permissions on what they can and can’t access.

Grow Faster with Your Own Affiliate Tool

Start your own affiliate program. Award affiliates recurring commissions for every sale they bring. 

Unlimited affiliates, payouts and tracking

How Much Does It Cost?

Fully white labeled platform + a fee for every new project under your white label

WL Basic WL Growth Most Popular WL Pro
Monthly price $29per monthSave $120 Annually $59per monthSave $240 Annually $149per monthSave $600 Annually
Partnership Discount

Partnership Discount

We'll charge you a fee for every active project in your platform. Our partnership fees include a special discount to our regular non-WL pricing.
35-46% 40-51% 45-55%
100% White Label

100% White Label

100% white labeled platform with custom branding, domain and styling. Build your own templates & designs. Set your own prices and pay a fixed fee for each active project.
Free Perks (we will not charge you for those)
Free Websites 1 3 10
Free Funnels


Funnels can change ANY business! Connect pages into a highly converting flow to reach your goals. Split-test different pages on your website and see what converts the most visitors into customers. Funnels are great for any campaign type - lead generation, sales or promotions.

Funnels included in your main project. Each funnel can be used for individual customers with their own custom domain, integrations, CRM, etc.
5 30 Unlimited
Pay as you go! Listed below are our fees per Active Project in your white label (per month when paid annually)


1 Website Up to 2 pages 2GB Bandwidth 500MB Storage CRM

1 Website up to 2 pages
$3.25 $3 $2.75


1 Website Up to 20 pages 10GB Bandwidth 5 Store Products CRM

1 Website up to 20 pages
$5.85 $5.4 $4.95


1 Website 1 Funnel Up to 20 pages 10GB Bandwidth 5 Store Products A/B Split Testing CRM

1 Website + 1 Funnel up to 20 pages
$7.8 $7.2 $6.6


Unlimited pages 60GB Bandwidth 25 Store Products CRM

1 Website with unlimited pages
$9.1 $8.4 $7.7


1 Website 5 Funnels 1 Domain Connections Unlimited pages 60GB Bandwidth 100 Store Products A/B Split Testing Sales Funnells & Analytics CRM

1 Website + 5 funnels
$15.6 $14.4 $13.2


1 Website 20 Funnels 20 Domain Connections Unlimited pages 120GB Bandwidth Unlimited Store Products A/B Split Testing Sales Funnells & Analytics Recurring Payments CRM

1 Website + 20 funnels
$25.35 $23.4 $21.45


3 Websites 30 Funnels 30 Domain Connections Unlimited pages 120GB Bandwidth Unlimited Store Products A/B Split Testing Sales Funnells & Analytics CRM

3 Websites + 30 funnels
$31.85 -46% $29.4 -51% $26.95 -55%


10 Websites Unlimited Funnels Unlimited Domain Connections Unlimited pages 400GB Bandwidth Unlimited Store Products A/B Split Testing Sales Funnells & Analytics CRM

10 Websites + Unlimited funnels
$96.85 $89.4 $81.95
Other Perks
Subscription Widget

Subscription Widget

With the subscription widget you can customize your subscription flow: accept payments right from your landing page; collect card details upfront or start a $1 trial; offer custom promotions and more. All of your customers can always upgrade from inside your builder.


Your own affiliate functionality for your white label. Your customer can refer customers and get a % of the sales.

What are some of our customers saying

"Super fast, easy to use, website builder with world class support." - Felix Clarke

I was amazed how simple and enjoyable it was to build a complete website without any technical knowledge.

Bimbisara Desh


I had never done any web design prior to using Simvoly. In the space of a couple of weeks I had already built my agency website and was building professional-looking websites for my clients!"

Greg P

Zion Access

Having a website is one thing...but having a website that works for your business is the real thing! The Simvoly platform has helped us create flawless marketing plans from a simple inquiry to our automated email campaign. Our website works for us so we can work more with our clients! Flawless design and total marketing solution!

Cathy Thomas


Moved from Wordpress to Simvoly and have not regretted it. I no longer have to deal with plugin or theme updates. The Simvoly team are very responsive when questions are asked and are constantly working on providing the best platform on the market.

Olejuru Lanfear

Business Owner

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