White Label Website Builder - General Onboarding Strategy

First of all, you need to understand your customer. As we all have the same customers it probably won't be a surprise when I tell you that we do not sell websites, we sell success. When a customer comes on a platform or to you he comes with a problem, a problem that he understood and took the first step - to seek a solution for it. Having amazing features and super slick design is great but won't be the one thing that will hook them up (or at least it is not going to retain them as customers). 

Everyone comes with the sole idea of success - to acquire more customers which will generate more sales and profit for their business or awareness of their ideas. The key is to make them believe that the builder is the way to do it.

Show them how:

- They can have a beautiful website for their business that will help acquire more customers.

- Their business can be easily found on the web and from mobile devices, something that is a must nowadays.

- To build landing pages generating sales, calls, leads or traffic for whatever their ideas are.

- Show them that they can be part of the process and not spend thousands of dollars

Next, no matter how great and easy a product is it takes some time for anyone to get used to it. Whether you promote it as a do-it-yourself or build your customer's sites on it and grant them access, you need to show them how amazing and easy it is to use.

Video Guides

One of the essentials is the video guides, they quickly show the basics and save time in learning the platform from ground zero. We recommend using a video pre-loading with the first visit to the builder.

Live Chat

It is a great way to ensure people are not leaving because of unanswered questions. It might be overwhelming if you have a big customer base but for your first few hundred customers, it will help you learn viable information about your customer's behavior and most importantly ask them questions. You can find out more about their general problems, what they like or dislike which helps develop your customer relationship.

Not sure what live chat to start with? Here is a great review of the 19 top live chat tools on the market.

Help Guides

They are a must and that's why we've made help guides that are non-branded and you can use in your white label. They are a good source for people to find a question quickly on their own and not having to talk to someone via chat or email.


They are one of my favorite ways to onboard new customers. Webinars are great because you show the product in real time, people know that there is someone on the other side and they can ask you questions. You can easily adjust what you show by their behavior and make sure their problems are being solved and questions answered. It results in great conversion rates and engages your audience, which is essential. That's why we've created a special Webinar Script on how to structure your webinar and execute it to find new customers for your platform.


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