The website building industry - what's the future like in the next 10 years

First, let's understand the Industry and how it changes. We live in an era where the majority of people have a mobile phone and internet connection. All that leads to the digitalization of the businesses as well and the first step is to have some sort of an online presence. Businesses understand that the behavior of people changes in how to purchase products or services and that the web design industry changes accordingly as well.

They start to seek a place where they have control over their pages or sites, to be able to release changes and new campaigns in hours not days and weeks as it was in the past. And all that for at a budget for as little as possible.  

More and more people would try to build an online presence for their ideas themselves and they look for those solutions. This is the trend and will continue to grow, each year the Do-it-yourself market is growing more and more for that same reason.

That might seem bad for the regular digital agency or freelancers building individual sites that's why we've made this White Label Program. It helps you build and grow your own platform and provide this solution for your customers.

You might think that the market would get too crowded - well, still 60% of businesses worldwide do not have any online presence or it is a very poor one. The market is only going to grow and the need for website modifications for those with no time will always be there.

If you swim against the stream it will only get you drawn - in the tech we always have to adapt to survive and with all the changes in web and peoples mentality, you have to. We think it is an exciting time to build your own platform and the possibilities are endless.

Join us in this great venture and let's grow together!


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