Ideal Customer Profile - how to identify it?

How to find the ideal customer? First, define clearly your customer profile. It is important to be specific if you can. Most companies try the "spray and pray" strategy which leads to bad results. That's why it is so much better to focus on specific niche markets first and move to the next vertical after that and expand the operation. Quality not quantity is the real winner when it comes to success with marketing campaigns and outreach.

When you focus on a niche market you can clearly address their needs. You need to use language that speaks directly to them to make them feel comfortable that you understand their needs and you are here to be the savior they always wanted. 

What is the ideal customer profile? It is a set of characteristics for a person that is most likely to purchase your services and is in need for the solution you provide.

1. What is his gender?

2. Here does he live? (big or small city, country)

3. How old is he?

4. Does he work? If yes, what?

5. What is his average monthly revenue?

6. What does he do on an average day?

7. What websites does he visit?

8. What social networks does he use?

9. What he strives and wants to change in his life?

10. What is the obstacle that stops him from that?

11. How your platform/service solves his problem? What is the problem that you solve for him?

12. What are might be his unsecurities regarding the solution?

These are some examples of questions that you can ask yourself to identify your customer profile. It is important to put yourself in their shoes and understand them better.


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