Automatic SSL certificates with Simvoly

Our most important goals are simplicity and security.

That’s why all Simvoly and third party domains connected to a website are automatically secured with a SSL certificate for free.

What is SSL exactly?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is an encryption technology used for secure data transfers between your visitors and your website.

Each secured website has a green lock icon and https:// preceding the URL in the address bar of the browser

With the HTTPS protocol, you can establish trusted connections between your website and your visitors, which is the most important security feature of each website, preventing troubles with stolen or damaged data.

If a visitor tries to browse the unsecured HTTP version of your site, he will be redirected to the HTTPS version, ensuring secure connections at all times.

How to configure it?

For Simvoly provided domain, no action is required on your side.

When using a third party domain, you must ensure that the domain is properly connected to your Simvoly website

That’s it - your SSL certificate will be automatically installed and configured for free!

What are the pros of securing your website?

The most obvious benefit of securing your website is trust – customers are more likely to use a website that uses SSL.

With the extra layer of protection, your data is kept safe as it travels between the client and the server.

Google has indicated that the use of SSL is a ranking signal, thus

having it should impact your search ranking positively.

As your website is now secure, your visitors can perform checkouts directly on your domain, without the need of redirection to third-party pages, improving user’s experience and gaining trust.

Enabling secure connections vastly reduces the downsides of bare HTTP, such as:

⦁    Stolen, changed or damaged information by third parties

⦁    Lower ranking in search engines

⦁    Browser warnings when insecurely collecting user data

⦁    Losing trust and customers

That’s why our initiative to secure all websites is so important, regardless if you’re building an informative website, blog or an online store.

For any further questions, do not hesitate to reach our friendly support.

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