I’m 19, and a musically-inclined person. I sing, compose and love writing sappy love songs.


I had been writing and singing my own music since I was seven years old. Once I started learning how to produce my own tracks, I started searching up ways to make my music available worldwide. While digital distribution is one good way to do it, the percentage cut that those services took away from my earnings was one of the things I always disliked.

So I decided to start my own website to sell music worldwide and independently without having to have to pay transaction fees.

Simvoly made that happen for me. 

Not only was it incredibly easy for me to design my own website with the user-friendly, drag-and-drop website builder feature, I was able to manage my own sale earnings, customer user accounts and much more.

Whenever I needed help with the site, Simvoly was quick to tend to my queries much faster compared to other website creation services that I've used in the past. Other than its reasonable pricing and freely issued SSL certificates, Simvoly also cares about their customer's feedback and constantly works on new features that their customers suggest! 


No more paying large amounts of money to professional programmers and having to pay transaction fees!

I would definitely recommend this to other growing, independent musicians who wish to start building their online presence at minimal costs!

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