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Creative page designs, image galleries, beautiful blogs, it all comes with Simvoly. Simple drag & drop content arrangement, mobile ready, tons of easy-to-customize features.

Fast and Secure Hosting

Simvoly hosts everything on secure, fast and reliable hosting with 99.99% uptime and daily data backups.

Custom Domains

Simvoly offers a free custom domain with every yearly subscription. You can also connect an existing domain with just a few clicks.

Easy to Add and Edit

Creating a website with Simvoly is so simple, everything happens within a few clicks of your mouse. Edit your content and arrange your pages exactly the way you want.

Basic Widgets

Use simple widgets to add forms, text, icons, images, sliders, videos and tons of other stuff

Widget Blocks

These are already made who sections of widgets that you don't have to build yourself. They are easy to use and with tons of different designs.

Beautiful Themes for Your Ideas

Simvoly themes can fit any website you might want to create. Check out some of them and select the best fit.

Beautiful Themes

Simvoly offers a variety of beautifully tailored templates that can fit any business and idea you may have. 
Everything is easy to customize.


Super fast and scalable Amazon hosting with nothing to worry about. Just enjoy it!


Simvoly is an intuitive, easy-to-use drag & drop website builder - edit, move and style everything, no coding required!

Multiple Websites

You can create and maintain multiple websites in one account. Create different trial versions and see which one your customers like best before you subscribe.


Connect your custom domain or get a free .COM with an annual subscription.

Excellent Support

We provide excellent, rapid support for your convenience


Clean and detailed analytics on your Simvoly website. Visits, traffic and much more.


Invite people to help with your project. Send invitations to contribute and grant individual access permissions, Managing access to your website has never been easier.

Constant Updates

Here at Simvoly, we work constantly to bring you fresh features and exciting updates. We are here to make the web a wonderful experience for you and your customers.

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Simvoly offers Live Chat, an option that almost no website builder on the market offers. Our customer support team gives a special care to every chat they get. Don't hesitate to ask us anything.